CA Fires caused by the Devil?

i-b3f65d26c55b5961b53f2185cb8b3d5f-nytimes.jpgCalifornia wildfires continue to blaze, but this caught my eye:

Almost 200 square miles of California, including nearly 700 homes burned since the last official measure. But far fewer homes are threatened and more emergency personnel have arrived.

Here are the key figures from California's emergency management office (pdf):

Burned: 666 square miles; 1,436 homes

Threatened: 25,925 homes, 2,055 commercial structures.

Emergency personnel: 8,884 (Emphasis mine.)

The Dark Lord Beelzebub's role in starting the CA fires isn't proven, but I have my suspicions.

Anyway, the Lede has the fires story well covered. I am defending my thesis proposal tomorrow, so no more blogging until Friday probably.


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