Word of the Year: w00t

Lame. w00t is the word of the year. Pssh. I can come up with so many better words that w00t.

How about Pecksniffian? Sesquipedalian? Casuistry? All those are way better. Just try using Pecksniffian at the bar, and see how many high fives you get. A bunch, that's how many.

Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan

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how about 'heepish' ?

By scaramouche (not verified) on 15 Dec 2007 #permalink

Pecksniff was one of Dickens' more irritating characters, and he wrote a few. The phrase 'Pecksniffian cant' is banned in the UK Parliament - it is considered unparliamentary.

Just though you'd like to know.