SciencePunk in the Guardian: Guerilla scientists gatecrash Secret Garden Party


My coverage of the awesome Science Tent at the Secret Garden Party is now up at Guardian Science Blog. Pictures of the science debauchery to follow:

I'm standing in a field in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. All about are the typical trappings of a music festival. The bright morning sun is glinting off discarded canisters of nitrous oxide, testament to the strict search policy in place at the gates. Revellers lie asleep where they fell, skin reddening, and sullen queues of hungover men and women snake from the standpipes and toilet blocks.

This is the Secret Garden Party, one of Britain's new breed of boutique festivals, and in the midst of all this the Guerilla Scientists are folding back the canvas of their ex-army tent and arranging lawn chairs and hay bales inside. It's 11am, music systems are again beginning to throb across the site (apart from those which played through the night), and the team is preparing for another day of lectures, workshops and live experiments, bringing science to the seriously unwashed masses.

Continue reading at the Guardian Science Blog, and find out how the whole tent ascended into a massive hip-hop dance party at the end.

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