Sticky! - an animation about the unextinct, giant insects of Lord Howe island

Director Jilli Rose has made a short animated documentary about everyone's favourite back-from-the-dead, hiding-on-an-impenetrable-Pacific-island-fortress tree lobster.

Jilli says:

So many conservation stories are grim and worrying, it's easy to feel hopeless in the face of them. I want to drop a good story into the mix, to uplift and hopefully energise viewers, particularly kids, and to inspire them to care about the fate of creatures that may not be what they usually consider "cute" or "cuddly". Our film is heartwarming, funny, engaging, beautiful, lively, colourful and hopeful. Colour! Beauty! Hope! Action!
They team has launched a fundraising campaign to cover post-production costs through Australian crowdfunding site Pozible.

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