October Scientiae is up!

i-9d60dc6aa3d0981619808ffd9745fc82-Scientiae_Logo_sm.jpgRead all sorts of wonderful posts by/for women in science at this month's edition of Scientiae. This edition of the carnival was ably hosted by Wayfarer Scientista who selected the theme "mentoring" to get us all going. Thanks, Wayfarer for doing such a great job putting together the carnival.

Next month, the full will be hosted by Yami at Green Gabbro.

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The November edition of Scientiae, the women in science carnival, is up at Green Gabbro. Yami did a great job with the carnival, and I'm having fun reading all the great posts. I'm already looking forward to the call for posts for the December edition.
The December edition of Scientiae, the carnival by, for, and about women in science, has been ably hosted by Kate. She issued the challenging theme of "transcending the debate" and her challenge has been well met. Head over there for some great posts.
Geez, have I ever had a bad blogging month. I've not blogged much lately. I completely missed contributing to this month's Scientiae (these last two weeks with Mom took up a lot of time...) And then I completely blanked out that it was even time for Scientiae to be up, until I saw Sciencewoman's…
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