Inadwrimo is over, but the work never ends.

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgI did a not-so-stellar job of meeting my not-so-stellar goals for writing and research in November, but I did get some stuff done.

  1. Done! Accepted!!!!! Finish revisions on the paper-that-won't-die (goal: November 13)
  2. Done! Internal release time application (due November 18)
  3. Read some, but not nearly enough. Read around proposed grad student topics enough to ensure we're not reinventing the wheel/pursuing proven dead ends (amorphous, I know)
  4. Made progress, not enough to strike-through. Finish GIS work left-over from 2008 AGU poster.
  5. Done! Draft abstract that is due in early December, so that I can get my co-authors' approval.
  6. Done! Write the letters of recommendation that have piled up because of graduate fellowship season./li>

And, I did get some reflective clarity on what my research (and consequent writing) goals are for next semester.

  1. Get 4 grads to the proposal defense stage, get one grad to thesis writing stage, get one grad's first paper out
  2. Do a good job writing my first PI NSF proposal and submit in June
  3. Write my side-project paper (or at least finish the analyses for realz)
  4. Continuing laying groundwork towards a collabortive proposal pushing edges of PhD work
  5. Women-in-geo paper and/or diversity grant coalition forming

More than an ambitious list given my teaching load and home-life responsibilities, but, hey it's good to have ambitious goals, right? And having them as an ordered list should help me cross some of them out, rather than having all of them turn out to be half-finished in May.

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