Incentives for helping kids in need

In case helping preschool special ed students by providing materials for science exploration isn't rewarding enough, the Scienceblogs overlords at Seed Media have made two really enticing offers.

First, Seed is matching the first $15,000 donated by scienceblogs readers during the challenge. I think we're really close, and your donation could put us over the top. Even if you only have $5 to donate, with Seed's match, you're really giving $10.

Second, it's not just about the altruism. There is something in it for you. Seed is giving prizes. details below the fold.

Donors can win:

⢠1 fresh, new iPod nano
⢠21 "Seed Hearts Threadless" tee shirts (design here:
⢠21 ScienceBlogs mugs
⢠21 subscriptions to Seed magazine
⢠9 copies of "The Best American Science Writing 2007"

Here's how it will work: interested donors can forward their e-mail receipt from DonorsChoose to

Readers who have already donated are still eligible for the prize drawing -- they just have to forward their receipt on to the address.
There will be three prize drawings: Tuesday the 16th, Tuesday the 23nd, and Tuesday the 30th. We'll give away seven tee shirts, seven mugs, seven subscriptions, and three books each week to donors whose emails we have received before noon on the day of the drawing. At the end of the whole DonorsChoose drive, we'll take everyone who ever entered the drawing and draw one final winner for the iPod.

And remember, anyone who donates $25 or more to my challenge should forward me their email receipt, and Minnow will make a personalized handprint for them.

Go. Donate now. Feel good. Do good. And get stuff.

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