The New Research BPR3 2.0

Back in October of 2007, Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting (BPR3) was launched in order to (one day) aggregate blog posts about the scientific literature on one site and to provide a universal icon to identify posts on peer-reviewed literature. Now BPR3 version 2.0 is out, manifested as Research

Go check out the new site to see what bloggers are saying about the literature. Or, better yet, register your blog, and have relevant posts feed directly onto the Research Blogging home page. In my own opinion, though, the coolest feature of the site is its citation generator. Just input the DOI of the article you're blogging about, and out comes the citation in HTML ready to be pasted into your entry. In fact, Research Blogging uses this citation code to automatically identify posts for its aggregator.

There are still a couple of bugs to work out, but it's pretty slick, and I know that Dave Munger is actively addressing issues as they come up. So, go ahead and give it a try. I just went back and tagged these entries from the last year:

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