We've Made a Few Changes...

Have a look at the left-hand column of the ScienceBlogs homepage. You may notice that the list of channels there has changed. You may also notice that the home pages for the individual channels have been redesigned, with more color and new features. (Check out the new Life Science homepage, here.) Over the coming days we'll be adding even more features, including a science news feed on each channel homepage.

Why the changes? We re-jiggered the channels in response to feedback from our bloggers and readers. We think the new channels are more user-friendly and intutive, in name and content. Providing an attractive homepage for each channel, we decided, would allow readers to zero in on areas of interest. Never want to miss a post about chemistry? Bookmark the Physical Science homepage at ScienceBlogs, and you never will.

Here's a list of the new channels, and what you can find there.

  • Life Science

    Anything and everything biology, from the smallest cells to the largest living systems.
  • Physical Science

    Posts on the so-called hard sciences, including physics, chemistry, astronomy, math, and geoscience.

  • Environment

    Posts about the Earth and our attempts to gauge—and protect— its health. Climate change, sustainability, pollution, alternative energy, conservation and 'green living' live here.

  • Humanities & Social Science

    Everything about human beings, from the scientific study of human life (anthropology, sociology, archaeology, linguistics, science studies, and psychology) to philosophy, to musings on books, art, and music—even non-science ones.

  • Education & Careers

    Posts related to the learning science, teaching science, and pursuing science as a career inside the academy or out.

  • Politics

    Combining the previous "Policy & Politics" and "Culture Wars" channels, Politics is about the place where science meets government—in courts, elections, public policy issues, and of course, the debates we call the culture wars.

  • Medicine & Health

    Posts on medical studies, medical training and practice, pharmaceuticals, health care, epidemiology, public health, alternative medicine&mdash...it's all here.

  • Technology

    Scientists rely on tools, and this is where ScienceBloggers discuss them, from supercolliders, to labware, to the latest personal gadget.

Enjoy the new pages. We'd love to know what you think—leave a comment here or drop us a line at info [at] scienceblogs [dot] com


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