ScienceBlogs' new look

If you haven't had a chance to visit the new ScienceBlogs home page, go now. It's got a slew of brand-new features, and we've more than doubled the number of bloggers. What's more, there are now several blogs that are in fields closely related to Cognitive Daily, which have conveniently been grouped together under the Brain and Behavior channel.

Actually, the channels are a bit more sophisticated than that. Every blogger can categorize every post into a channel. So if, for example, I write something about, say, academic publishing, I can specify that it's placed into the "academia" channel, and that's where it will show up on the main page. If P.Z. Myers writes a post about behavior, he can put it into Brain and Behavior along with the lion's share of CogDaily posts. There's lot's more going on on the Sb homepage, so make sure to check it out early and often. Personally, I'm a science junkie, so I think I'm going to bookmark the Last 24 Hours channel, so I'll be sure not to miss anything new.

I did want to extend a personal introduction to all the new Brain & Behavior ScienceBloggers, so here goes:

A Blog Around The Clock is Coturnix's new home at He's not exactly a cognitive scientist: he specializes in circadian rhythms, but often his posts intersect with those on Cognitive Daily. He is also an active political commenter and a tremendous sythesizer of blogs. Be sure to check out his welcome post, which offers links to past and present haunts of all the new ScienceBloggers.

Corpus Callosum is a blog I haven't read before, but it's written by a psychiatrist who offers a novel take on the world of psychology and politics. Right now, he's got a great post about the media hype of the so-called "road rage disorder."

The Frontal Cortex is a new blog by writer Jonah Lehrer, who's finishing up a book entitled Proust Was A Neuroscientist. Jonah, can you send us a review copy when it's ready?

Mixing Memory has long been one of my favorite blogs, and Chris's posts are probably the closest to Cognitive Daily in terms of content and research emphasis. If you've never read Chris's work, make sure to visit his old blog for top-notch commentary on current research in cognition.

Neurotopia is a blog I've never read. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Evil Monkey has to offer, though.

Pure Pedantry is the blog of an M.D./Ph.D. student with a sharp mind and a great sense of humor.

Retrospectacle is another neuroscience blog, and another one I haven't read before. Based on the first few posts, it looks to be a good one.


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Hello, do the channels have rss? I tried to subscribe to one via Bloglines but it could not find an rss feed (nor could I!).
Thanks, Maxine.

Maxine --

Our webmaster assures us there will be channel-specific RSS feeds "soon," but they're not ready yet. The channels right now are manually updated (you may have noticed they weren't updated all weekend), so I think first priority will be getting them automated, then they'll work on the RSS feeds.