Environment, Humanities & Soc. Sci., and Education & Careers Weekly Update

In this entry, you will find: The large versions of the Environment, Humanities & Social Science, and Education and Careers channel photos and the best posts of the week.


Environment. From Flickr, by KhayaL

The eagle soars high in a cloudless blue sky. Earlier this week, Darren Naish from Tetrapod Zoology posted "When eagles go bad, all over again," a delightful and informative piece about how eagles are vicious and predatory creatures that kill large mammals—even humans occasionally (according to eyewitnesses). I think they are adorable despite.

Some Environment posts we really dug this week were:

How biofuels could cut carbon emissions, produce energy and restore dead land

"You ain't just smoking pot, bud. You're smoking some heavy-duty pesticides from Mexico."

Climate change and the financial meltdown

Science, planet lose in Canadian election


Humanities & Social Science. This model illustrates certain creationist beliefs that human beings and dinosaurs co-existed. From Flickr, by williac

I came across this photo simply by typing "Creationism" into the flickr search engine. If the belief that humans existed along-side dinosaurs at one point were true, dinosaurs such as the triceratops would have likely worn saddles as is demonstrated by the model in this picture. Currently, no radiocarbon dating methods or archaeological digs have uncovered man-made saddles from the same time periods in which dinosaurs lived.

Some good ones from the Humanities and Social Sciences channel:

The executive class supports John McCain

Banksy Opens Pet Shop in NYC

Tuberculosis Detected in Bones from 9 kya Israeli Neolithic Site

Andrew Sullivan on blogging


Education and Careers. From Flickr, by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

This image displays a pen laid delicately across graph paper as if indicating the direction of a vector, or perhaps it was set aside haphazardly after the owner of the pen discovered how fast the train was traveling in order for it to have reached Chicago in 2.5 hours. Solving vector equations is one of the most important concepts to master in introductory physics.

And lastly, a few from the Education and Careers blog realm

Why Blog the History of Science?

What's Wrong With These Scholarships?

Are you sure the earth is round?

The Misuse of Journal Impact Factors

Puget Sound scientists: be a Biotech Expo mentor and help students

That's all, folks. Check back for more channel updates soon!


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