The Buzz: Scientists Push for Brain Doping

A group of psychologists, ethicists and neuroscientists have added their voices to the growing debate over the merits and demerits of brain droping, the use of cognitive enhancement drugs like Adderall or Ritalin to improve mental performance. Their commentary, published online Sunday in Nature, argues that any adult in full mental health should be able to use the drugs at will. "Given the many cognitive-enhancing tools we accept already, from writing to laptop computers," they ask, "why draw the line here and say, thus far but no further?"

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Cheats should be disgraced. Take their false qualifications from them and fine them and the institutions that awarded them.


Bring on the drugs!

All the college kids are doing it anyway.

I'm a college kid, and I do it!
I generally avoid drugs, but ritalin allows me to read for hours, stay focused, absorb information quickly. I just popped a pill in fact, as I plan to spend the day reading Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate.

and about cheaters...what's the goal of science--to be awarded an olympic metal or to figure shit out? i say embrace whatever helps us limited beings understand this crazy world we live in!