Bloggingheads: Horgan and Johnson on Myers and MRI Mind-Reading

Today on, you will notice a new feature on the site. Instead of The Buzz, we have an embedded video from This feature will appear every Saturday and can be viewed subsequently here on Page 3.14, the editorial blog of This week, John Horgan from the Stevens Center for Science Writings and George Johnson, author of Fire in the Mind and The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments discuss recent attempts of scientists to use functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology to display graphic images on a computer screen directly from the visual cortex of an individual.

ScienceBlogger PZ Myers from Pharyngula blogged about this topic in a post titled, "Soon we'll be reading your minds!" although he admits that it's questionable how soon this will occur:

Before you get all panicky and worry that now the CIA will be able to extract all of those sexy librarian fantasies out of your brain by aiming a gadet at your head, relax. This is an interesting piece of work, but it has some serious limitations.

Horgan and Johnson also discuss a post on the ScienceBlog ERV where she comments about a recent article in Seed Magazine on epigenetics authored by Eva Jablonka. They debate the expectations and limitations of the role of science journalists.

What do you think of the Bloggingheads' interpretations and commentary?

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