Seed goes to the New York City Science Fair!


Sunday March 1, Seed employees and friends of Seed ventured up to the NY City College campus to help judge the annual New York City Science Fair. The event was sponsored by Seed, as science fairs are an important part of the learning and scientific development process for young minds. Additionally, Seed's founder and CEO Adam Bly won the "Best in Category" Grand Prize in biochemistry at the 1998 Intel International Science Fair, so the enthusiasm for science fairs runs deep throughout the company.

To start off the day, five of science's most intriguing figures took part in a panel on alternative careers in science. Adam Bly, visualization artist Ben Fry, theoretical cosmologist Janna Levin, robotic furniture designer Jessica Banks and new media artist Jane Nisselson discussed the ways in which they blend science and culture—and encouraged students to find their own path among the many disciplines they have to choose from.

After the panel, there was brunch and a brief introduction in the judges quarter. Then we were off into the chaotic crowd of science-thirsty high schoolers! It was an honor and privilege to get to participate in the event and see so many excited and talented youths striving for excellence in the wonderful field of science. The projects were impressive in both scope and execution, and the kids were adorable.

Congrats to those who will proceed to the next round!


The ScienceBlogs overlords proceed to the judging area

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It's called "Science is Culture" and it is run by Adam Bly, who ... .... founded Seed out of a biochem lab in Montreal, where he studied cell adhesion and cancer. He now lives in New York and is the CEO of Seed Media Group. Go say hey to Adam.