The Buzz: Dinochickens Escape Testing Facility [April Fools!]

Animal control units are flocking to North Carolina's Research Triangle Park to aide in the struggle to contain a herd of approximately 50 'Dinochickens,' the dinosaur-like creatures constructed using chicken embryos and reverse evolution techniques. According to one of the researchers in the facility, one of the dinochickens was able to manipulate the locking mechanism on the master containment room by entering a number on a keypad, subsequently overpowering the researchers and allowing the herd to escape through a plate-glass window. The creation of the dinochickens was part of a project that aimed to explore medical advances that could help humans through observing the developmental effects of genetic engineering, and the resulting dinochickens were maintained for observation. See the links below for further updates on their containment.

Note: This was totally an April Fools' joke! To those who boarded up their doors and windows in panic, I apologize for your efforts. And to those thousands of readers who were Rick Rolled at my hands... lol!

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