The Buzz: No Distributor for Darwin in US


Most Americans are familiar with Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, but less well known is his personal struggle with the conflicting ideologies of science and religion. A new film from producer Jeremy Thomas, Creation, aims to tell the story of Darwin's life through the cinematic lens—but Americans who would pay the box office price to watch it unfold won't be able to. US distributors have opted not to pick up the film, which the Telegraph reports has gotten outstanding early reviews, due to concerns that its message won't sit well with religious groups. Ethan Siegel of Starts With a Bang was outraged by the situation: "My first reaction was that I should start my own production company and distribute it myself, because this type of information/entertainment should be accessible, here of all places."

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My,my You people dont even see whats in front of you and you still hang onto a psychopaths rantings long after life beat him to death for his wierdness.
Has anyone taken a look at the picture that is shared here,woulds you let him in to use your phone for a car breakdown story?? I bet not....
And then you morons still publish his garbage and even the courts dont have anyone awake to enough to discharge this garbage.
I am a scientist,and I assure you ,all of us are no accident, Im a DOT papa,a grid scientist,an earth scientist and I actually can explain the universe and the creation stream, and chat about genetics for hours and hours and cant believe some of my DOTs would be involved in this wacky paradigm that seems to occupy everyones time and attention whilst Rome burns. .
I call this place the "Twilight Zone" and can support that statement too. Can You?

By Thomas Hughes (not verified) on 17 Sep 2009 #permalink

Talk about the height of hypocrisy ... a believer in tooth fairies talking about psychopathic rantings. For a real primer on psychopathic rantings try reading the bible, or as I like to refer to it ... the Book of Stupid.
Your comments about Darwin's appearance are so tedious and sophomoric that they are totally expected from someone with delusional thoughts about the supernatural.
The biggest piece of garbage still being printed today that I know of is the buybull. Too bad this country is so full of ball-less wonders that venomous and vile religious cults are allowed to even exist. Hard to believe that in the twenty first century, morons would still be running around with their hair on fire, praying, killing and acting totally infantile over make believe sky gods. Booga Booga!
The only way this planet and civilization has a chance at a lasting peace is the eradication of all the supernatural fools and their, "Oh my god is better than your god" mentality.
The only time religions feel good about themselves is when they are cramming their delusional and warped ideas down someone else's throat. They are not content to live and let live. No no no ... if you aren't as out of touch with reality as they are then their god says they have to convert or kill you. What I am referring to is the genocide and murder strewn throughout the "good" book. Ethnic cleansing is at the very heart and fabric of the buybull. Consider the Inquisition, Crusades, Dark Ages or the Salem Witch Trials ... all perfect examples of god's children sharing their love with their fellow man.
Wow. I'm overwhelmed just feeling all the love.
It's amazing that science has progressed as far as it has considering it has had to fight religion at every step to keep from being dragged back to the bronze age.
The beauty of science is that it is never afraid of changing directions based on the latest evidence. Very much unlike religion which has been stripped clean in the light of today's science and yet sticks to the same old bullshit.
News Flash ... the earth is not flat, the sun does not revolve around the earth, stars do not remain stationary in space dead people do not float away to a mystic place.

Well now ,person Bite me, A sophmore I actually am not,even though your reflux problem on Senor Darwins physical looks that set you off is apparent,to me they are not,He displays a certain depletion of his being from evidence only guys like me can immediately identify.
I see the humor in the psychological conditioning of the morons who use someone with the skill of your dear Darwin to display their condition.You have a button I hit,I see and your protocoler really should give you about a month of level 6 taskings ,cuz yours truly ,the system manager really does take no prisoners.
Please come forth better prepared to F with me in the future.
And a query for you,just where do dead people float to?

By Thomas Hughes (not verified) on 18 Sep 2009 #permalink

Is there any way to specify a idle/timeout setting when initiating the ssh client session to the remote server? I would like to not modify the default behavior of SSH, just a single instance from time to time. If possible, please post here would be a nice addition.

Wow, who would have ever thought that creationists could be so smug, arrogant and condescending to the point of turpitude?

Creationism has NO scientific basis or testablity whatsoever. It is delusional fantasy at it's finest. Its entire basis is that we were sneezed into existence from a puddle of mud. So if you consider my ancestors to be monkeys then I guess that makes yours dirt. When ID went on trial in Dover, PA, it was exposed as the joke it is.

Evolution on the other hand is embraced by the best scientific minds in the world across almost all disciplines.
Whether or not you choose to believe it is of course your choice. But to disparage Darwin when your beliefs come from a book of mythology and fairy tales is humorous.

And to answer your question, dead people do not float to anywhere. Dead is dead. Christians for some reason are so afraid of death that they invent this nonsense about eternal life and heaven as a security blanket or to lure small minds.

Honestly, what you believe is your choice and of no consequence to me whatsoever. My only expectation is that mythology be taught in its proper place and not be brought into any scientific classroom or discussion.

And may Zeus bless you Thomas

My,my person Bite Me, You assume I am some sort of creationist without that being in evidence at all.
Anytime you think that science did not create this eco-system and the planetary functions to support the science departments work,you sir or Maam,are the one who is delusional.
We science kind of guys who look at things much different than either one of those factions are rare ,now why would that be?
So dead people are just dead in your paradigm? I ask questions that lead you into giving me your understanding of my field, I have that little Phd. in Hyperdimensional Physics and our little department also does not believe in Mud to you,but we do understand the Universe and we do understand how things are created from OUR science department.
You think that the leading scientists have the whole process all figured out,they do not.
We just laugh and laugh at the craziness that is pumped out every day by YOUR tier three set of science fellows who think about only what they are taught to think about.
There were no creatures or humanoids created here,everyone and everything found its way here in a lifter,guaranteed.
I see you tag me as someone who belongs to a religious cult also by the gist of your rantings,In my paradigm,a scientist cannot belong to a cult,so you can breathe a sigh of relief that I am not going to send you a team of Jehovahs Witnesses to set you straight.
I send an HD team when needed,but certainly not to little fires,your protocoler can handle that.
You do not dream by yourself,that is an HD team member doing that for you,he also makes your penis hard for you in the morning to wake you up if you are male,Just a little terrorism for you ,no extra charge.
And like I said in my previous post,we are in the Twilight Zone. Ha,Ha,Ha.

By Thomas Hughes (not verified) on 25 Sep 2009 #permalink

I have to ask sama question "Is there any way to specify a idle/timeout setting when initiating the ssh client session to the remote server? I would like to not modify the default behavior of SSH, just a single instance from time to time. If possible, please post here would be a nice addition."