A Pie in the Sky

We're running out of pie references to use here, so bear with us.

In this post we have a Chicken Tikka Masala pie from Duchess Shiraz, a classic Apple Pi pie from Kate Gaudry, a Stuffed Mac & Cheese Pie with 4-Herb Crust and an Avocado's Number Pie from Veronica Vadakan, and a Cookie Cake Pie (WHAT!) from Dorothy Nguyen.

Duchess Shiraz of the Duchy of Domesticity blog went the savory route with her Chicken Tikka Masala pie. With ginger, garlic, cilantro, garam masala, chili powder, turmeric and more, this pie promises to be long on flavor, short on time in existence.


Kate Gaudry stuck with a tried and true recipe for her pie entry, baking Granny Smith apples into a perfectly golden, pi-decorated crust. If you don't like this Apple Pi pie, you must be Canadian.

i-7f1af19265c64321299b9d09d741a84a-Apple Pie.jpg

Veronica Vadakan of the blog Tiny Sandwiches loves Pi Day so much she sent us two pies! We want to show you the Stuffed Mac & Cheese Pie With 4-Herb Crust first so we can try to forget that we're not eating it right now and move on with our lives. Apparently this one was submitted to the PDX Pie-Off last year and lost to some Moroccan thingy or other.

i-e92be1d3c08163dcd64cb6964541e5c3-mac-pie.jpgPortland, seriously? What is wrong with you?

Veronica also made this Avocado's Number pie, with a gingersnap crust, coconut milk, lime, and of course avocados. She writes, "you can judge for yourself if Amedeo Avogadro would tuck into a slice himself." Well, given that Amedeo Avogadro was a widely known opponent of avocados who cursed their existence with his dying breath...probably not.

i-3a7ef8c232f994cd1d0d5b94aac4a0f9-avocadopie.jpgHowever, we will still eat it.

Dorothy Nguyen of the Kitchen Koala is lucky that her Cookie Cake Pie isn't called the Cookie Pie cake or the Pie Cake Cookie, or we would have to disqualify it. But since it self-identifies (for the most part) as pie, we're on board with it.

i-70296e1a42862860e7875dd3815f80d3-CookieCakePie III.jpgCookie Cake pie sometimes has trouble deciding what checkbox to select.


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