A "balanced" conference?

RP Sr is advertising a "balanced" climate meeting. And why is he so confident of balance? Well, check out the list of organisers and speakers. You could play bingo with them :-).

And if that isn't enough, good ol' Sonja A.Boehmer-Christiansen offers in the comment to publish the results... with friends like that...

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Now, Wm of Borg, you know how important it is to give equal time to both sides. It's how our Corporate MediaTM plays ball over here. Please play by the rules. We must give equal time to the tinfoil hatters to hear their views. Please play by the rules. Resistance is futile.


D of Borg (assimilated)

Well, there does seem to be at least a scattering of credible "consensus" scientists involved. And I suppose it's fair enough to have an event like this that gives the outliers some kind of forum. But Veizer and Brekke and Essex, oh my.

On the plus side, no Soon or Baliunas so far.

(Dano -- Our corporate media? You mean the one that's been assimilated by Rupert Murdoch? I seem to recall that Blighty has received more than its fair share of that action. But speaking of RM, I always like to quote Harry Shearer when his name comes up: "I used to maintain that (the Simpsons') existence was the one reason not to revoke 'citizen' Rupert's right to plunder this country as his own. Now I'm not so sure.")

By Steve Bloom (not verified) on 16 Mar 2006 #permalink

I'm sure Singer was disappointed that his presentation materials weren't accepted.

I have friends, Steve, who swear by the wisdom imparted by The Simpsons. I don't own a TV, so I can't verify.