I am a minor coauthor on a paper to appear in Science. Sadly thats all I can tell you, since the embargo on this paper has been set for 2:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time on Thursday, 30 March 2006. Well, until next week :-)

OTOH, if you're a reporter (hello John!) Reporters should contact AAAS at 202-326-6440 or to receive an official version of the paper, bearing the imprimatur of the Science embargo policy. (Most reporters are registered with us and therefore can access the official version of the paper directly from EurekAlert!'s password-protected section,

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I don't suppose you have any New Mexico co-authors. Or that the paper will explain something vital about New Mexico's future?

[I don't think it would be giving away too much to reveal that the answers to both are "no" -W]

It'll relate to a likelihood of decreased production of habanero and jalapeno peppers, John, so you'd better ring up William - your state's economy may be affected.


Effects of illegal logging in Indonesia on Global Environ.

John lewis, Travis Perkins & Jewson in the uk to investigate where hardware floors bought from Junkers - a Danish floormaker is sourcing its wood.

According to Sky News investigators, the wood is bought from Malaysia who buy it from intermediaries, who buy it from illegal loggers from Indonesia.

Effects: loss of ancient hardwoods, loss of habitats, also forcing tigers & elephants into populated/cultivated areas

Wood is a finite resource, unless it is 'managed' and trees are planted to replace trees logged in rotation.

Effects: illegal logging & deforestation lead to land & mudslides, and affect local climate or environment, just as much as clearing land for airport runways in uk, or clearing land for pastures & mono-cultivation in Brazil.

And affect local climate & environment just as violently as City smog, air + noise pollution from dirty industry or CO2 affect local health and future Climate Change.

The culprit in this case Malaysia & Danish (EU) importer.

You guys are the 37732 best, thanks so much for the help.

By Caty Tota (not verified) on 28 Jul 2006 #permalink