Good grief

Who is the person that James "we're all going to die" Lovelock most admires? For the surprising answer, see Who are the brains of Britain? in the Indescribablyoverhyped.


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So whats wrong with the British antarctic survey bloke then?

(A small hint- I think the blog would be better if you explained stuff more, especially stuff you are coming at from a more personal point of view.)

[Nothing wrong with him... just a bit surprised he got the top spot. As for the hint... this one was deliberately mysterious. But in general, I shall try -W]

Well I've no complaints about Bob May who is brilliant in at least two senses of the word.

As for that other guy, I guess Lovelock is just trying to sweet-talk his way to a spot on the base when the rest of the world is fireballs and hypercanes :-)

Your boss? The one who has recently been touring, saying things are not so good down Antarctica way. Well, you know him; do you admire him?
'Biggest brain award' is a strange idea. Is it different to saying 'who do you think has come up with the most important original idea in modern times?'; that might make for an interesting list...

Chris Rapley is more clued up than most commentators on our environmental crisis. For example, on the subject of population, he's written that 'so controversial is the subject that it has become the "Cinderella" of the great sustainability debate - rarely visible in public, or even in private.'

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