A small note on the hoax

The recent hoax seems to have been taken down - sad. There is a story about it at Reuters and its everywhere else.

I wanted to point out something which no-one else seems to have noticed, which was that the figures for the T and CO2 histories were very obviously faked. They were just straight lines with wiggles drawn on (indeed from my memory the wiggles were all upwards, suggesting that they had been drawn by hand with a pen above a ruler line).

This, and various other features many people have noticed, made the fakery rather too obvious to fool anyone for toooo long. Hopefully someone will have another go at something better. E&E would be an obvious target for a Sokal moment, which might be why they rejected the Schulte piece, perhaps?

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I think it's mocking at it's beautiful best! I'm only disappointed that more of the general public wasn't aware of it and invested in it. It seems only this kind of cynical stunt gets through to people anymore.

Funny, though. Funny, funny stuff.


David B.

Just goes to show that people will believe anything provided that it has enough Cyrillic and Greek to appear incomprehensibly complex.

4δ161 x γÐà¸5,6,1,8Φ-4 = {(ΣΨ²Ðyt3 - 14à¹P9) x 49} / 2β x âkxgt -§ made me chuckle.