Jumping the shark?

Is Fred Singer worth listening to(o)? It sounds unlikely - certainly when I heard him speak he provided nothing but disinformation. Sadly I may never know for sure, because their site was broken when I tried it. If anyone does manage to find Singer saying anything worth hearing, do let me know what is was...

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Eli Rabett is calling for nominations for the S Fred award for spreading disinformation. He has started with: Diplom Beck proving CO2 concentrations over smokestacks in the 1940s were higher than they are today globally. Willis Eschenbach and the moving line Monckton of Blenchley whose climate…
I am home again after a great evening with friends. I met up with my buddy Dan and we drove to Ann Arbor. We had dinner with Joseph from Corpus Callusum (and his wife? girlfriend? friend? I never thought to ask) and Shelley from Retrospectacle. I had never met either of them before and it was a…
Says The Onion. And its right, even if the original is damaged (I've not done it, of course)). But that's not quite what I wanted to write about... I wanted to talk about The war against Exxon Mobil (WaPo) and the contrast between reactions to that and In re Smith v Karl (and several reprints). mt…
Yesterday I noted with approval a letter from the Royal Society asking Exxon to stop funding climate change denial. RP Jr, bizarrely, finds this inconsistent with the open and free exchange of ideas. Its bizarre because Exxons funding of these dubious organistaions has nothing to do open exchange…

Interviewees include Jim Hansen to Fred Singer. These interviews are well worth listening too. Accuweather is commended for seeking to present the diversity of views on climate change science.

Hansen, head of GISS, studied under James Van Allen, NAS member.


Singer "best known as President and founder (in 1990) of the Science & Environmental Policy Project, which disputes the prevailing scientific views of climate change, ozone depletion, and secondhand smoke and is science advisor to the conservative journal NewsMax."

I don't get it?

Ah yes, dear old S. Fred...

O gee, and here I was reading one of old S. Fred's book
and what do I come across.....

*********************ISBN90 277 0385 X
pp5: I am persuaded to think that any climate change is bad because of the investments and adaptations that have been made by human beings and all of the things that support human existence upon this globe. Even minor fluctuations of climate could change the distribution of fish, ... upset
agriculture,...and inundate costal cities...... Such changes could occur at a faster rate perhaps than human society can evolve.

He goes on in a similar vein.

The old boy probably goes around stealing the book from every library

["I am persuaded to think that..." is such pleasant old-fashioned cautious language, too -W]

The funniest part is that publication, "Global Effects of Environmental Pollution" (and its various editions), was the basis for the '75 NAS report's aerosol and CO2 comparison (J. Murray Mitchel's paper). That's the one that Singer said contained "hysterical fear."

Let's hear from Singer, circa 1970:


I don't know about you guys, but my irony meter (or is it hypocrisy meter?) exploded after reading that.

On 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' Singer was introduced as 'former Head of the National Weather Bureau' - which of course he never was. This is currently one of a number of complaints to OFCOM, who have said they will issue a ruling in the first quarter of this year. Singer himself has done nothing to set the record straight of course.
Of course there is the oft-cited claim than in 1962 Singer was the 'Head of the National Weather Satellite Service'. A google search for that organisation only ever gives links that ultimately derive from his own CV.

It seems that even this claim is in some doubt - a poster on this blog made the following remark:


December 15, 2007 at 4:49 am

Although Ol' Fred lists himself as the
"founding director of the U.S. National Weather Satellite Service" or
"first Director of the National Weather Satellite Service (1962-64)"
the NOAA web page:


lists David Simonds Johnson as
"Johnson was the founding director of the National Weather Satellite Center and directed its successors, the National Environmental Satellite Service and the NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service."
I actually remember Ol' Fred took an administrative position at NOAA at about that time; but more of a branch head -- I suspect subordinate to Johnson. I am wondering if there isn't some resume inflation going on."

Is Fred keeping his head down so as not to draw attention to the original claim on his CV? - anyone have any idea as to the truth behind his claim??

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