Recycled sh*t* from Solomon

Lawrence Solomon seems to have a bee in his bonnet about wikipedia. He really should be writing about the exciting ongoing arbcomm case; but presumably thats too complex for him and would actually require some thinking or research. Instead, having called me Next to Al Gore, William Connolley may be the world's most influential person in the global warming debate.... he has now said may be the world's most influential person in the global warming debate after Al Gore.

Can you spot the similarity? Apparently the National Review couldn't, and are happy to print recycled cr*p from Solomon. And the subbing is so poor that they can't even spell my name consistently. It is a tricky one, though.

Thanks (if thats the right word :-) to Face for pointing this out.


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That's quite an honor. Of course it would have been highly disturbing to find that the likes of Solomon had agreed with you.

Tonight I'll bask in the reflected glory of having once shared a pizza with the second most important person in the GW debate.

[You could put it on your CV :-) -W]

By Raymond Arritt (not verified) on 08 Jul 2008 #permalink

are happy to print recycled cr*p from Solomon.

Wait, why am I not surprised?

I think that, after the inactivist media are done with bilking the same single "story" for several months on end, the usual folks will come up on blog comment threads and go all "Why aren't the mainstream media reporting this story? Why? Why?" (... ... ...)

Meanwhile, maybe I can whine about how the media are ignoring the stories about Wikipedians âââââ and âââââ making out...

-- bi, International Journal of Inactivism

[You need pictures. Can you do ascii art? -W]

If you're so powerful, why can't I spell your name?

[Ha ve you never read "The Dying Earth" by Jack Vance (you certainly should). The syllables of my name are so powerful that weaker folk struggle to fit them into their minds. Weak names, however, can be trivially remembered :-) -W]