Ely to Littleport

DSC_3030-fen-rivers-way_crop Sarah (whose blog is rather emptier than James' so-called EB) is walking from Cambridge to the Sea to celebreate her age; and she invited company; so I joined her for stretch today from Ely to Littleport. It was a glorious day for it, sunny with just a light wind. It is a funny bit of the river though - I had envisaged striding out of Ely with the shadow of the cathedral on my back (ignore the geography, you know what I mean), but instead you start from riverside, go round some bits and under a bridge, leave the river around the back of an Env Ag deport and get briefly confused, round the back of a nature reserve, and then cross the river, all without seeing or feeling the cathedral at all. After a further diversion (recommended by the book to avoid a short stretch of road, but probably not a good idea, and I cut it out on the way back) you go over the river again and embark on the Long Straight Bit that ends in Littleport. Having boated down section of this river it was interesting to do from the top of the flood bank where you can actually see things. The countryside is flat round here and not particularly good, but the company was, and so we enjoyed the stroll to the Black Horse, I getting the somewhat easier side of it because I hadn't walked Cambridge to Ely yesterday. Since Andrew bought me a pint and a half the trip was well worth it :-).

Here is about what it looks like, from the bridge not far out of Ely, looking downriver towards distant Littleport.


Didn't like this? Ha. Then read Paul Graham instead. Or the rapidly-becoming-cult DenialDepot (even if they can't spell the bunny proper). Coming soon: gloating about sea ice.


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I walked to Brancaster a few years ago, stopping in Downham Market and Docking, walking up the Old Bedford River (dead straight for twenty miles). Recommended (although it's 70 miles altogether so if I did it again I'd take three stops).

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 27 Sep 2009 #permalink

Thanks for your company; I'm sorry the route north out of Ely was less than enthralling, but I'd have enjoyed it less on my own.

Andrew and I continued to Denver Sluice. I'll go on further today, probably to Watlington. I guess I'll write up a proper blog about it all when I get to the destination, but meanwhile anyone interested in progress can see it on Twitter.

Oh, and "small world". Hi Sarah.

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 28 Sep 2009 #permalink