We win!

The mighty Chesterton Men (Ralph, James H, Chris W, Dave B, Me (special guest appearance on strokeside), Michael S, Andi R, Mike PJ; cox James T) powered to victory in Saturday, though admittedly not in the prestigious "best fancy dress" category but in the less hotly contested "novice M8+". I still don't really understand the category system (or care much) but I think it means we don't have any / many ARA points; and since this wasn't an ARA competition I think we still don't. Still I do (I hope) get a Pot. And we did beat the COWS.

Results (silly xls format, sorry).


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Unless and until you provide data and methodology such as water temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, size, shape and slope of crew members including dietary and training methods as compared to those of the past; and, given the apparent absence of pier review, fair minded people must attribute your victory to natural variation.