Apparently there has been great fuss about "Pepsigate", which was Pepsi paying to have a blog at Scienceblogs. Or somesuch - I didn't follow it too closely. If you're interested, this looks like an attempt at a summary of the fallout.

As for myself, I don't greatly care. I've never really been part of the Great Culture. There were rumours of some terrible event a year ago too, but I can't remember what that was even about.

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For some reason your choice of words, referring to the "Great Culture", put me in mind of the novels of Iain M Banks.

I guess that would make you an eccentric, or perhaps even a member of the Zetetic Elench.

[Yes, I thought of that as I wrote it. I look forward to a drone to clean my house -W]

By Tony Sidaway (not verified) on 12 Jul 2010 #permalink

And while the Acculturated are puzzling over the thought of Sb's Outside Context Problem, and wondering where the bloggers who sublimed over this have gone to, I'd like to be the first person (at least on this blog) to refer to this affair as the severest case of dyspepsia I've ever seen.

Now you may groan.

By Tony Sidaway (not verified) on 12 Jul 2010 #permalink

Did you lose your job William? This is an amazing flurry of activity here on your blog. It's hard to keep up all of the sudden, I may need something with a little less info - zombies?

[Ha. Not yet, but things did become a little less busy for a while. Sometimes things to say just turn up in droves -W]

By thomas hine (not verified) on 12 Jul 2010 #permalink

PepsiGate? At least it's not "Climategate" that people are all up in arms about now. :)

[Wash your mouth out with soap. Or posisbly your fingers, I suppose -W]

By NuclearWarfare (not verified) on 12 Jul 2010 #permalink