Petals on water



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January: Cold in Cambridge (but this is from early-Feb, since I don't have anything terribly good from January. The best I can offer is smoke on the water). February: early bees. March: Phoebe. Our cat. April: Petals on water. May: Humble bumbles. June: Stubai. The entire place is unbearably…
I had such fun watching the last three divisions today that I'm going to bore you with yet more rowing. First, here is Corpus M1 (hello Rob!) catching Christs M2 (note cox's hand half raised in the process of acknowledging the bump) to cement their place in division 2 and their hopes of blades…
Yes, its the wonderful Heartland / WUWT own-goal over the Chinese translations of HI's Climate Change Reconsidered. I have nothing to add except laughter, so you may as well read * BCL(SB), * Eli, * HW. Not edifying, true, but certainly amusing. Since I'm here I may as well put up something: can…
We're having a cold snap. About -2 oC, and very still. Possible snow later. Punt touts are still out though. Ducks don't care. I've never known what this means. Refs * Flickr

almost as nice as the flower pictures at the empty blog.

[Almost!?! Pah! -W]

By carrot eater (not verified) on 29 Apr 2012 #permalink

William, you show an artist's eye, a veritable e-Monet. Brilliant photo. Hope to see more

[Thank you. I am encouraged -W]

By Jim Prall (not verified) on 03 May 2012 #permalink