Up one so far

Epic row over the first day (St Neots got Nines 2 quickly) but today it was our turn to get Nines, even more quickly.

Make that up two: St Neots, in the gut, with an oar.


See-also: the final tally.


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That outfit had more issues than socks with sandals.

Also, whats with red sock/green sock guy? looks nautical.

[Port and Starboard, indeed -W]

Nice try [redacted -W] but my comment was far too short for you to judge me, especially my alledged ignorance, whatever that is supposed to mean.
Understand if you will that I do not as you imply come from WUWT or the Koch whatever, but purely as a regular visitor to blogs of all persuasions in an endeavor to update myself on current thinking and opinion.
The question was clear and therefore warrants an answer, if you have the balls of course?

[You can point a septic at a link but you can't make him read it. Much less understand it. And... of course you're here via WUWT. Why are you bothering to lie about that? -W]

By mikeworst (not verified) on 20 Jul 2013 #permalink