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So, AR5 SPM is out. The obvious place to start is RealClimate or perhaps you could even read the SPM itself. Here's a quote:

Each of the last three decades has been successively warmer at the Earth’s surface than any
preceding decade since 1850 (see Figure SPM.1). In the Northern Hemisphere, 1983–2012 was
likely the warmest 30-year period of the last 1400 years (medium confidence)

And there's even some nice pictures; here's one of them:

But enough of this insightful but tediously detailed analysis, I hear you say, what about the reactions? (Actually I hope to read the thing properly sometime and maybe even comment on the bits I understand).

The MSM seems to be "on message", for example U.N. Climate Panel Endorses Ceiling on Global Emissions from the NYT or IPCC report: global warming is 'unequivocal' from the Torygraph, not normally a friend to pinko lefties. The denialists are fulminating, as you might expect and indeed hope (AW had eight posts on it at last count) but no-one seems to be listening; just as their various attempted "spoilers" have been ignored. So we're where I thought we were: its easy, when you're touring the incestuous blogosphere, to see controversy; but in the outside world there is much less.

Here's google trends on IPCC, NIPCC, and stoat (not me, I fear):

Stoats are not as popular as the IPCC, I'm sorry to say, but we totally wipe the floor with the NIPCC (who?).

More like this

The IPCC Forth Assessment Synthesis Report has been released. The Summary for Policy Makers is in Microsft Word format, so I've made a PDF version for easier reading. A few extracts: Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average…
Oh well, everyone else has a gate, perhaps I can have one too. Incidentally the picture is there for two reasons: firstly I have far too many pix of Darling Daugther and no-one looks at them. If Jules can put up huts, I can do children. And second, it is a cunning attempt to make me a human bean…
In the second part of his Ockham's razor talk Aitkin said: I gave a public address on this subject a few weeks ago, which was picked up in the daily newspapers, the text of the address was put on one newspaper's website, and a vigorous correspondence developed. In all, I received, well, 150 or so…
The battle of the graphs provides a learning opportunity says "American Elephants", and indeed it does, though possibly not in the way they're thinking. I haven't been able to clearly identify the source of this image (which is the reason for this post: I'll show you how far back I've managed to go…

Well, reading something seriously thick and tedious is work. There has to be a payback, like learning something that is both new and true.

(BTW I once found myself scanning through the NIPCC report, to check if one particular lie had changed between versions.)

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"A bitter aftertaste! Stoat kills rabbit twice its size after 20 minute fight only for a fox to snatch the prey" -- Daily Fail

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Interesting IPCC view instability that developed since 2011. State change coming?

Well, Tom Harris of the nIPCC did get a 1/4 page article in the Calgary Herald, although the size of the accompanying photo underlines how little he had to say.

[All that work for so little reward -W]

All that work - shades of the Ussher chronology...


they had quite a long interview on BBC radio 4 World at One with Bob Carter

You asked why anyone should want energy efficiency regulations, in the older topic that's closed. The answer is, to avoid wrecking the climate, raise the lowest efficiency level across the board, removing the short term profitability that all the manufacturers agree is a longterm mistake. In this, individuals, with inadequate information about the marketplace, are given only bad choices by companies that have better information but are by law not allowed to cooperate -outside- of the regulatory system.


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