Mays: Maggie and Jesus

2016 saw the dawn of a new era, and unsurprisingly on the men's side it continued; Maggie were very fast. Clare bumped up two (Pembroke; Caius, still looking nice but under powered) but couldn't touch Maggie despite having two attempts. Saturday saw LMBC two cementing their place in div 1 just opposite the John's beer crowd, pretty well where their M1 got headship last year. Christ's got blades and a welcome return to M1.

On the women's side Downing got spoons, falling to Caius on Wednesday who had their day in the sun before falling to Jesus on Friday, who rowed over head on Saturday.

As last year, this is mostly for me to record links to my vidz:

Saturday: M1, W1 (Downing / Newnham re-row), M2, W2
Friday: M1, W1
Thursday: M1, W1
Wednesday: M1, W1, M2 (to come; Sidney / Pembroke re-row).

See-also the fb group Cambridge Mays 2017. Chaos pic for this year is:

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Lents again; here's a link to 2016 if you want to re-live the past. It was a great week, full of thrills and excitement. Caius weren't up to it (as prefigured by Mays) and were caught by Downing on the first day; Maggie patiently bumped Pembroke then Caius to get their shot at Downing on day 3.…
Arrr, the ol' spinnin' post, its seen a thing or two over the years. You could probably reconstruct the headship changes from its various colours. Last painted by Downing, when they went head in Lents in 2014; Caius were too cool to repaint it when they stayed head in Mays of that year, or re-took…
I first started watching the Mays in 2011, when Caius went head, bumping Pembroke and First & Third along the way. So I selected Caius as my college-to-support, even though we then rowed out of Peterhouse and now row out of Queens, and know people in King's and Christ's. In 2013 they were…
Alas. But it was a good week. this, for my own records, and possibly for you interest if that's the kind of thing you're interested in. Summary: Men: Caius serene, Downing troubled a little by Pembroke charging at them, but not past the Plough. Christ's up one, Kings spoons. Women: Jesus up two (…

That stretch of river is lovely, lovely. When it's not full of blasted rowers and their hangers-on :-)

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 20 Jun 2017 #permalink

(but I get it more-or-less to myself 300+ commutes of the year, so I'm not really complaining).

[Indeed. And it's fairly quiet now, in time for the town bumps -W]

By Nick Barnes (not verified) on 20 Jun 2017 #permalink

Love the chaos pic, reminds me of head of the charles. We're having the first Interior Alaska regatta this weekend and it's probably been a decade since I've been in a shell, wish us luck at least the water is warm this time of year.