Making George look good, Part 2

George Deutsch wrote for the Texas A&M Batallion while in college. Over at World O'Crap we see the sorts for defenses of the administration that no doubt got George his position at NASA. For example:

The ties between al-Qaida and Iraq are clear. So clear, in fact, that there is so much circumstantial evidence linking Iraq and al-Qaida that it would be hard for an informed person not to at least suspect Saddam's regime of having a hand in the attacks

Apparently, Deutsch sees the concept of "informed" somewhat differently to most people.

As Chris points out, Deutsch may want to clean up this site ... it's full of "theories".


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Now we know why A&M killed their journalism program.

The best intern I ever had in Washington was a woman from A&M. Great journalist. We offered her a job, but she refused to work full-time for Republicans. How the mighty have fallen!

By Ed Darrell (not verified) on 05 Feb 2006 #permalink

Y'all have all heard lots of Aggie jokes, I'm sure. I've lived in Texas for about 35 years, and I'm here to tell you that there is really only one Aggie joke and this is it. All the others are true stories.

Did George Deutsch know Jenna Bush while at Texas A&M? He was supposed to be class of 2003 and she was class of 2004.