Saturday Football

i-548baf72cb6e4e2c2dec0c47c082a194-asuhelm[7].jpgUnranked ASU is playing #14 Oregon. I was supposed to be at the game, but had to attend to family business instead.

At the half it is 24-3 for the Ducks, despite ASU having nearly five minutes extra possession, less penalties, and less turnovers. We don't have a quarterback (Carpenter is 5 for 14, 29 yards, 1 int), Zach Miller is being ignored once again (1 catch for 3 yards), and Ryan Torain (15 carries for 81 yards) is the only player that seems to be making any real effort for the Sun Devils. Some, eh, highlights:

Apparently students are streaming out of the stadium at the half. Update at the end of the game ... if I don't hurl something at my TV before then.

Update: Can someone please make the pain stop? The game ended 48-13. ASU's only touchdown coming from a 100 yard runback by Terry Richardson. Sun Devil Stadium was practically empty by the end. and I don't blame anyone for leaving.

Carpenter finished 6 for 19 (33 yards), 0 TD, 1 INT. Thirty-three yards! Total yardage? ASU 176, Oregon 565. If it wasn't for Torain rushing for 114 yards, it would have been worse.

Then again, I'm sure recruiting has taken a major hit.

Week off and then we have the pleasure of watching USC rip through us.

Folks have been displeased with Dirk Koetter for a few years now but I've been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt ... frankly, I now think it is time for him to go - as someone who has had success as a quarterbacks coach, the current situation is ridiculous.

Here's an idea. The season is more or less shot and we'll be 0-3 in the PAC-10 after the USC game (3-3 overall). Let Carpenter play that game and for the rest of the season play Danny Sullivan the freshman backup. It will be ugly for the first game or two, but Sullivan gets some experience and we get to see if we will have any QB next year.

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