As of today, November 25th, US involvement in Iraq has lasted longer than US involvement in World War II - 1348 days. The "War on Terror" has been longer. And what do we have to show for it?


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Four years ago on this day, Bush declared that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." In the following three years, over 2,150 US troops died. That's ~716 per year. On this day last year, Scott McClellan, when asked whether the mission has been accomplished, replied "We are on the way to…
I forgot to mention that yesterday (technically still today here in Arizona) was National Mission Accomplished Day. Nice job, Bushie.
As of today, 2,401 US soldiers dead; over 2,150 since "major combat operations" were declared to be finished. Over 34,000 civilian deaths. Glad it's working out so well for everyone. Edit: I'll note that Scott McClellan, when asked today whether the mission has been accomplished, replied "We are…
John McCain seems to think it is Europe's fault that things aren't going well in Afghanistan. He believes that Europe should follow Washington's lead and put more forces and resources into the country. Spake McCain: "Failure in Afghanistan risks a reversion to its pre-9/11 role as a sanctuary for…

I'd say it's a millstone, not a milestone.