A moment of (low flying) zen

Things you can do with a jet fighter in the Swiss Alps.

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Strapped to a jet-powered wing, Yves Rossy is the Jetman -- flying free, his body as the rudder, above the Swiss Alps and the Grand Canyon. After a powerful short film shows how it works, Rossy takes the TEDGlobal stage to share the experience and thrill of flying.
I remember finding out about the Tethys Sea and being really excited. I was just beginning my studies of Old World prehistory, Africa, and Human Evolution. What I learned about was the remnant sea separating Africa and Eurasia called Tethys, though it is much more than that (see below). Imagine…
When this publishes, it will be 8 am in Germany and my plane will have landed in Frankfurt a few minutes ago. As you are getting ready to snuggle into a warm bed, I will be jet-lagged, waiting to collect my checked bags and to work my way through Customs with my birds. Hopefully, I have all my…
Well, the above statement, while true, is just a tiny bit beyond the peer reviewed paper I'm reporting to you today, but this paper supports the assertion and the results presented in the paper should not be a surprise to anyone. Here's the basic idea: If you focus on categorizing people into…

Totally awesome...Where's that damn barf-bag....


How many avalanches did this flyboy trigger to make his video?

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 28 Feb 2007 #permalink

Jeff: the song is "Ameno" by a group called Era. Here's a YouTube video of the song:


When I took my Mountain Flying Endorsement, they left out most of that. Actually quite a bit of it was to expressly warn us not to get into those situations.

Several tens of thousands of horsepower do make a difference.

By JohnnieCanuck (not verified) on 28 Feb 2007 #permalink