George Gilder Godwins the argument

I'm sure PZ will comment on this, but I couldn't help but highlight this statement by George Gilder:

The notion that "the whole universe contains no intelligence," Mr. Gilder said at Thursday's conference, is perpetuated by "Darwinian storm troopers."

"Both Nazism and communism were inspired by Darwinism," he continued. "Why conservatives should toady to these storm troopers is beyond me."

Way to go George! And his sock puppet, John West, once more tells us what the real agenda is:

"Nor is it simply an irrelevant rehashing of certain esoteric points of biology and philosophy. Darwinian reductionism has become culturally pervasive and inextricably intertwined with contemporary conflicts over traditional morality, personal responsibility, sex and family, and bioethics."

The technocrats, he charged, wanted to grab control from "ordinary citizens and their elected representatives" so that they alone could make decisions over "controversial issues such as sex education, partial-birth abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and global warming."

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1848 - Communist Manifesto
1869 - Origin of Species
???? - Gilder's Origin of Time Travel Manifesto

Well, we all know Marx lived in England. JUST LIKE DARWIN!

And Darwin spent many years mulling over his ideas until he published - and he came back from the voyage in 1831! BEFORE MARX PUBLISHED!

So clearly Marx and Darwin met in some pub somewhere and chatted - and Darwin told Marx all about evolution which led directly to communism!

I mean, how else could it have happened?

Wow those guys are really way out there. All because they wanted to be specially created by their god. Awww poor little poo poo.