Today in Science (0927)



1937 - Balinese Tiger (Panthera tigris balica) declared extinct after the last specimen was shot in 1925.

1956 - Milburn G. Apt becomes the first man to exceed Mach 3 while flying the Bell X-2. Shortly thereafter, the craft goes out of control and Apt is killed.


1818 - Adolph Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe, German chemist

1842 - Alphonse Francois Renard, Belgian geologist

1913 - Albert Ellis, American psychologist

1918 - Martin Ryle, English radio astronomer and Nobel Prize laureate

1924 - Fred Singer, American scientist

1933 - Rodney Cotterill, Danish-English physicist

1948 - John K. Reed, American coral biologist


1735 - Peter Artedi, Swedish naturalist

1911 - Auguste Michel-Lévy, French geologist

1940 - Julius Wagner-Jauregg, Austrian neuroscientist and Nobel Prize laureate

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