I AM A SCIENTIST t-shirt campaign

i-31782c50799702035d9d92dd04055420-scientist.JPG T-shirts are on sale!
We are currently promoting a: I AM A SCIENTIST CAMPAIGN
We want to see the faces of future and current scientists and engineers! Send us a picture of you wearing your Festival T-shirt and we will publish it on the Festival's Website! By sending us your photo you give us permission to feature it on the Festival's website. Find out more information on how to order a "I AM A SCIENTIST" or "I AM AN ENGINEER" or "CELEBRATE SCIENCE" t-shirt here. Have a future engineer or scientist who might enjoy a:"FUTURE ENGINEER" or "FUTURE SCIENTIST" t-shirt? Get them a t-shirt and send us the pictures!

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What are you waiting for? Find out how to order your shirts here!


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I always try to remind my daughters that plumbing is good, steady work.

I wish they had children's tees that said "I am a scientist". You don't need a degree to form a theory or test a hypothesis....but it could inspire you to pursue one!