If I had a vote, who would get it?

Some of the other SciBlings are doing it, so why not ...

My compatibility with the current gaggle of presidential candidates:

  • Kucinich (95)
  • Gravel (90)
  • Richardson (82)
  • Edwards (81)
  • Dodd (78)
  • Clinton (74)
  • Obama (72)
  • Biden (72)
  • Paul (61)
  • McCain (44)
  • Thompson (38)
  • Huckabee (36)
  • Romney (35)
  • Giuliani (34)
  • Hunter (28)

Somewhat predictable, though I’m surprised at Clinton over Obama. Feel free to comment as to your results.

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All of them bunched between 75% and 50% for me. No where near the spread you got.
Richardson 75%
Dodd 71%
Obama 70%
Gravel 69%
Edwards 69%
Top five there, with six more rating 61% plus. That might explain why I feel so blase' about all the candidates. I don't really match up with any of them that well. And that quiz implies I like Huckabee (61%) just a bit less than Clinton (64%) and the former outright *scares* me in terms of his general cluelessness about science and education which I rated quite high as an issue.

- Kurt