The Sunday Mustelid

I've been remiss for a while and those of you who like the Monday Mustelid haven't been getting your fix. So here is a little something to tide you over. Three video full of badgery goodness.

The world's most fearless animal - the ratel, Melivora capensis. This guy is 100kg of attitude in a 10kg body.

More under the fold ...

Mr Cobra, meet Mr Ratel. Food and nap to follow.

Lastly - and if only to show that Eurasian badgers (Meles meles) though cute have a mean streak - badger teaches an admittedly smaller fox a lesson.

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Ratel, Mellivora capensis Schreber 1776
I used to work on Eurasian badgers, Meles meles, a fascinating mustelid carnivore that is relatively easy to observe in the wild. My work was in cranial morphometrics - measuring skulls and detecting differences - and I was more interested in variation in sexual dimorphism than anything else (…
Your Monday Mustelid is the Patagonian weasel, Lyncodon patagonicus (de Blainville 1842). Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the little blighter anywhere. Instead, here's a picture of a Eurasian badger (Meles meles) cub ...
Eurasian badger Meles meles L.Click for big version - they’re cute. Way cute

Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers.