On the Origin of Species


Wordle for Darwin's Origin of Species.

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Blame Mark Hoofnagle for the idea and Glenn Branch for the inspiration. Clickie for biggie. Update: Also see LOLDembski
I'd never bowdlerize any author's work, but wordlerizing is a lot of fun. Jonathan Feinberg's Wordle is an easy way to create pretty frequency-based word clouds from plain text. I entered the text of Darwin's On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, and this is what I got. No…
Where in the world is this, and why have I posted this image today? Answers later, but post your guesses. Update: Yes, it is the Galapagos Islands (though South is "up"). On today in 1835, the HMS Beagle, carrying the young naturalist Charles Darwin, arrived at the islands. To quote Darwin: The…
This freaks Phil Plait out. I think it’s cool. Source with biggie here.