Somebody who doesn't have any use for science

Yes, it's Sarah Palin. And it has nothing to do with creationism. Read more here.


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Get ready for more fallout over Sarah Palin, who seems to be even crazier than I thought. There was an attempt to rehabilitate her from the accusations of pushing creationism recently, but the counterclaims got the facts all wrong. They claim that she only said that schools ought to "debate both…
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Today is the day we all dread, the day of the vice-presidential debates. We know Sarah Palin is incompetent and not fit for office, but the question is…will she manage to pull off the spunky/cute routine and win over the superficial morons of the country despite her Bush-like anti-intellectualism…

Why would she worry? After all she believes that the end of the world is coming soon so she has to get in as much killing as she can before its too late.

The thought of shooting any animal from a plane is just sickening. Science doesn't seem to concern conservative republicans so I'm not surprised she would support this.

Palin hasn't done hunters or her state any favors when she advocates non-sustainable hunting practices. This is the kind of ignorance that ethical hunters fight in order to preserve their sport and the environment which sustains it.


I love the justification: "Wolves, Murkowski believed, were clearly better than humans at killing elk and moose, and humans needed to even the playing field."

As if treating wolves as aerial target practice levels the "playing" field! And we complain about the affect realistic video games have on violence among adolescents!

Isn't this in the Great American Tradition: God made the animals so that we are able to use them for trophy hunting and target practice. Kill for Jesus!
When was Machine Gun Day 2008?

Nut cases? No, - not that advanced!

So if she ends up becoming Vice President, does this mean she'll be shooting people in the face from an airplane?