Monday Mustelid #45


European polecat, Mustela putorius L.

And with that, we end our series of Monday Mustelids which we began back in January.

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Something a little different this week ...   Steppe Polecat, Mustela eversmanni Lesson 1827. I spent three years of my life measuring mustelid skulls. I kind of miss it.
Siberian weasel, Mustela siberica Pallas 1773 There are no good available photos for the Malayan weasel (M. nudipes), the Black-striped weasel (M. strigidorsa) and the Egyptian weasel (M. subpalmata), so that's all you are getting on them. That means that next week's Monday Mustelid will be the…
On Monday, we'll begin the final lap of the Monday Mustelid, namely the 18 members of the genus Mustela. So it seems apt to post what is probably the most famous image of a mustelid, Leonardo Da Vinci's "Lady with the Ermine" (1482-'83). You can read more about the portrait here. This is by way of…
Zorilla or Striped Polecat, Ictonyx striatus Perry 1810. (source)

It's been a GREAT series. Thanks.
oh yes, what's next?

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