Accretionary Wedge: August is up, Sept is looking for posts

I almost missed the lastest Accretionary Wedge! In my defense, I was doing work related to the Wedge's theme - I was frantically getting ready for classes to start today, and I swore not to go through the accumulation in my RSS reader until I was ready to go. So, 13 hours after my first class began today, I'm finally catching up.

If you're already as far behind as I am, maybe you'll be inspired by this month's Wedge, hosted at Dino Jim's Musings. The theme is "teaching out of the box," and the wedge is organized around the five senses. So if you want to know how you can use smell to teach geology, go over and check it out.

And looking forward, the next Accretionary Wedge will be hosted by David Bressan at cryology and co. From the call for posts:

What remains to be discovered for future earth scientists what we (still) don't know about earth? What are the geological riddles that still lack answer - all questions are allowed - it could be a local anomaly, or a global phenomena, or something strange...(Naturally you can also include a possible answer to your problem).

Comment on David's post with a link if you want to be included. The deadline will be September 20.

And we're still looking for a host for October. Drop a comment on the call for hosts if you're interested.

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