The Accretionary Wedge is back!

The Accretionary Wedge, the monthly carnival of geology, is still alive! Or, well, it's still active, at least. Its originator, Brian, got too busy to keep it up, so he handed off responsibilities to Lockwood (of Outside the Interzone), Chris (of goodSchist and the Podclast), and me.

Lockwood will be hosting the next Accretionary Wedge, in mid-June. His theme: Let's Do a Time Warp!

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: "Where and when would you most like to visit to witness and analyze an event in Earth's history?" Suppose you have a space-time machine to (safely and comfortably) watch an event unfold; which event would you most like to see? Why? What do we already know or hypothesize about that event that appeals to you, or that you would like to test? What would be the result, the upshot, of knowing more about this event?

Go see his post for the full description.

To join in the fun, all you need to do is write a post, leave a comment with the url of your post at Lockwood's announcement, and wait for the carnival to be posted.

The deadline for submissions is June 13.

And for July... well, we don't have a host for July yet. So if you want to host a future Accretionary Wedge, let us know. Comment here, with contact info and any information about when you would like to host and ideas for themes. We'll be in touch to confirm the date and theme, and then we'll add you to the schedule. Then, when your month rolls around, post a call for submissions (and send us a message so we don't miss it, and so we can post a link at the Accretionary Wedge blog). Give bloggers a few weeks to write something, and then, after the deadline, write a post of your own that links to everything that's been submitted. We'll post a pointer to your blog, and then, after a couple of weeks, we'll put a copy of the carnival post on the Accretionary Wedge blog.

So join us, please! All sorts of geological themes are welcome, and we love to add new bloggers. (That would be the "accretionary" part. I'll leave the "wedge" to the imagination.)

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