Classical ballet is one of the more conservative of art forms. Dancers express emotion and character through the same vocabulary of postures that was originally set in 1760, and often with entire choreographies that have been handed down for centuries. But even amid this rigorous cascade of tradition, there is room for change. Over the years, successive generations of ballet dancers have subtly tinkered with positions that are ostensibly fixed and limited by the physical constraints of a dancer's body. The only changes ought to be a result of the dancers' varying abilities. But that's not…
tags: Swan Lake, acrobats, ballet, streaming video I love ballet, especially Swan Lake, but this rendition with Chinese ballet dancers who are also very accomplished acrobats is simply beyond description. Perhaps the most impressive moment is when the prima ballerina is on pointe on her partner's head! [7:21].
tags: football training camp, ballet, streaming video This amusing like video was filmed and edited by a Kansas City Chiefs football fan who clearly has too much time on his hands. It has clips of training sessions set to ballet music .. interestingly, it gives us a glimpse into the amount of fitness work that training camp demands as the players prepare to beat the ever-loving crap out of each other in Monday night football games [1:39]