Swan Lake -- Like You've Never Seen it Before

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I love ballet, especially Swan Lake, but this rendition with Chinese ballet dancers who are also very accomplished acrobats is simply beyond description. Perhaps the most impressive moment is when the prima ballerina is on pointe on her partner's head! [7:21].

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Wow... And your "perhaps" is well chosen--there are many other moments that might also be "most impressive"; I would choose the pirouette on her partner's shoulder! And none (ok, very little) was just for show--it was quite artistic!

i agree, the pirouette on her partner's shoulder was also impressive, although it did make MY shoulder hurt -- just a little -- to see that! and the artistry was so amazing!

Wow. I saw the Nutcracker live once, didn't like it, and so I've just figured ever since that I don't like ballet. That, however, is incredible and beautiful, and I'm so glad you shared it. My pick for most impressive is her on her partner's raised hand at the very end. That kind of weight on the little point of the toe held up at the very end of the arm like that...wow.

I've just figured ever since that I don't like ballet

Well, not to be a snob, but it's not really ballet. It's more like acrobatics set to music. I don't like ballet much either, but I found this a little boring and overdramatized. I would have rather just seen the tricks in about a 60-second clip.

A most interesting interpretation of Swan Lake!

I've seen many modern ballet performances and this is brilliant. It is still ballet NOT acrobatics and it goes very well with the music.

I thought the frogs were brilliantly froggy!

I like it.

I once thought ballet was kinda boring myself, then I saw The Green Table (I think that's the correct title - been a lot of years) performed by the Royal Winnepeg Ballet. Sucked me right in.

Do we have any idea who these people are?! I would love to see them live! I think it would be a great way to get my kids interested in the performing arts, too. Wow.