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I've got a short piece in tomorrow's New York Times about the 400-million year history of insects. Some beautiful pictures of the creepers included.
Peter Brown, anthropologist on the hobbit team, jumps into the comment fray himself on the nature of the fossils he discovered.
I'll be talking to science writers about blogging on Tuesday in New York. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, leave your comments here. Thanks.
A Bronx cheer for the four-legged hobbit from one of its discoverers. See my updated post.
The science writer/blogging panel I was on over the weekend is now available on Contentious.
Scrape off those stickers! AP reports that a judge has ruled that those goofy "Evolution is just a theory" stickers must be taken off of textbooks in Georgia. Now, how about those "Continental drift is just a theory" stickers on the geology textbooks?
More to read: The Tangled Bank--The Tangled Bank is a semi-regular banquet of posts from various blogs on biology. Thanks to the powers that be for including one of mine in the latest issue. Go read it for the rest, which are fascinating.
Dinosaur-eating Mammals (You heard me right): Jeff Hecht at New Scientist has a good write-up of the discovery of a dog-sized 130-million year old mammal with dinosaur bones in its gut. Most mammals may have been humble little critters during the Age of the Dinosaurs, but at least a few seemed to have turned the tables.
Homo floresiensis update: The Economist weighs in on the "borrowing" of the fossils. They mention that when the bones were removed, they were simply stuffed in a leather bag. This is not exactly the sort of procedure you see in protocols for avoiding contamination of ancient DNA. In the Australian, the discoverers of "Florence" vow to return to the fossil site, and this time they'll put their discoveries in a really good safe. Wise move.
The tension continues to mount over the locking-up of the Homo floresiensis fossils, according to this new article in the Australian. (via Gene Expression)