Nominees are now up for 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize. I have four posts up: Genetic variation in space & time - Iceland How Ashkenazi Jewish are you? Inbreeding & the downfall of the Spanish Hapsburgs The ancient origins of African pygmies There are many great posts on the list obviously, but I want to point also to my friend Dan MacArthur's submission, Is a personal genome sequence worth $350,000?. After reading these posts you can vote up until June 8th.
if you take this survey. Wanna change the world? Make it possible for everyone to talk about science in a normal conversation? Do you have ideas for improving science literacy? Seed is interested in your ideas. Answer the survey and share your thoughts. And I've seen the MacBook Air. It's beautiful. UPDATE: if you had trouble accessing the survey, try it again. It will be open until Friday, August 15th, 11pm EST.
Sweden has won the first ever European Bombina Song Contest, in what is surely Europe's most sparsely attended Idol spinoff. Indigenous to the lowlands of Northern Europe, the fire-bellied toad or Bombina bombina is an endangered species that has attracted a small but fanatically loyal fan club of zoologists and ecologists. To bring attention to their conservation efforts, the German organization Stiftung Naturshutz, roughly translated as 'Give Us Money for Nature,' organized a bombina song contest. The heated contest between Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Latvia was fraught with centuries old…