Swedes Croak Their Way to Victory

Sweden has won the first ever European Bombina Song Contest, in what is surely Europe's most sparsely attended Idol spinoff. Indigenous to the lowlands of Northern Europe, the fire-bellied toad or Bombina bombina is an endangered species that has attracted a small but fanatically loyal fan club of zoologists and ecologists. To bring attention to their conservation efforts, the German organization Stiftung Naturshutz, roughly translated as 'Give Us Money for Nature,' organized a bombina song contest. The heated contest between Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Latvia was fraught with centuries old rivalries but the frogletes' performance was inspirational. The contest was held over two days and consisted of a good deal of waiting and, eventually, a little croaking.

Ultimately the Swedes were victorious, crushing their Nordic brethren.
Listen to the performances!
1st Place - The Glorious Swedes
2nd Place - The Respectable Danes
3rd Place - The Pathetic Germans
4th Place - The Amateur Karaoke Night Latvians

Fire-bellied toad, Bombina bombina

If you are interested in conservation efforts for the Fire-bellied Toad, you can find more info here.

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