tags: Downfall, Even Hitler Made a Hitler Parody, internet meme, technology, Hitler, satire, parody, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video If you've been following the Hitler Parodies video meme on YouTube (197 unique videos so far!), then you'll appreciate this amusing parody where Hitler himself tries to jump on the bandwagon. (I am standing in a restaurant in Germany, viewing this video and the waitress just looked over my shoulder .. GAH! I hope this isn't illegal here!)
tags: Downfall, Hitler Responds to the iPad, technology, Apple, Hitler, satire, parody, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video Hitler has been dreaming about the day that Apple's tablet will be announced. That day has come and he is not pleased.
You knew it was coming. You knew from many previous incidents that it was inevitable: Who knew Hitler was such a Mac geek? Personally, although I think the iPad looks like a really cool device, I'm really not sure where it would fit into my life. I already have an iPhone, which I love, and I already have a MacBook Pro, which I also love. Given that, I just don't see the need for the iPad, at least not for me. However, I also know that I'm not the sort of person for whom the iPad was designed.
tags: religion, IDiots, satire, parody, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, Hitler, DOWNFALL, streaming video The so-called Discovery Institute is a pretentious über-Christian disguise for creationism and an ultra-Conservative social agenda called The Wedge Strategy. So-called Intelligent Design theory is plagiarized from William Paley's long-refuted Blind Watchmaker argument, and is merely creationism in a not-so-cunning disguise. Having neither facts nor logic at their disposal, the polemicists of the so-called Discovery Institute have been forced to resort to lies and subterfuge. One of…